Indoor Winter Activities

Go to a Wisconsin Badger basketball or hockey game

Winter sports like basketball and hockey can be some of the most fun to watch! Head over to the Kohl center to catch one of the games and stay out of the frigid cold. You can buy tickets to any game at the University of Wisconsin’s website here.

Do some (mostly) indoor golfing

Check out the newly opened Pin Seekers in Deforest. PinSeekers is a hybrid-golf entertainment facility built for year-round play full of activities and fun! Start your day off with a family game of mini putting, then challenge your friends or that special someone to a game of mini duck pin bowling or rent out a luxury golf suite to improve your swing.

Axe throwing

Axe throwing is the most exciting way to challenge yourself & your friends. Feel the rush of hurling an axe into a wood bullseye. Easy to do, tough to master, and a perfect indoor activity!

Here are three fun axe throwing places in the Madison area: 

Check out a comedy show

Engaging in a comedy show during the winter months offers a delightful escape from the chilly weather. A comedy show not only serves as an entertaining and social experience but also triggers the release of endorphins, boosting mood and overall well-being. It's a perfect remedy for those looking to lift spirits, share hearty laughs with friends or family, and create lasting memories that brighten the darker days of the season. Check out Comedy on State to see who the upcoming comedians are. 


Attending concerts in the winter months adds a vibrant and soul-warming dimension to the season. Despite the cold weather outside, the energy and warmth generated by live music create an exhilarating escape. The Sylvee is one of our favorite Madison concert venues and is sure to bring you a fun experience. 

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