Apartment Smart Tech

Save Money, Feel Secure, Be More Productive

Improve your apartment living with the addition of smart accessories like speakers, outlets, and light bulbs.

They save money and add a ton of convenience. Keep in mind the compatibility of the system you wish to use in order to maximize the ease of use. The top choices are Apple, Google, and Amazon devices that pair to a large variety of their own smart tech and third party accessories as well.

Start with the brains or the platform

There are three major systems that the majority of smart apartment tech works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assisstant, or Apple HomeKit. By choosing one of these to start your entire smart home will work better together and in a much more simplified manner. Think about certain automation you already use like with your smart phone. If you have an iPhone and utilize the built in Apple calendar and reminder apps then having HomeKit be your platform would make sense because you can build upon what you already use and are comfortable with. Similarly if you have a Google or Samsung phone then Google Assisstant supported devices would make more sense. Do research as to the compatibility of certain devices and how the assistants work. Here is a good video to get you started.

Don't be overwhelmed, start small and simple then build up

There are A LOT of smart devices out there. Like A LOT. Chances are you don't need all of them or want all of them so think about the basics and what would make life easier for you with the most impact. The list below is our smart home basic essentials to get you started.

Wi-Fi - A good smart apartment system starts with good Wi-Fi which allows your devices to run smoothly without interruption. Make sure to have a router that will cover your space and the speeds you need.

Smart Plugs/Outlets - These are so simple to use and work great to plug in any device that isn't "smart" and make it "smart". Use voice commands to your assistant to turn on a lamp or TV plugged into a smart outlet.

Smart Lighting - There are a bunch of great options to choose from when it comes to smart bulbs. Easily turn lights on and off or set timers with your voice and there are even some that can change color and add to your apartments ambience.

Smart Speakers - To maximize the use of your smart apartment having a smart speaker is a no-brainer. In addition to being able to play music and podcasts for you, they will be able to act as your assistant to communicate to your other smart devices and even your phone. Set timers so you remember to go get your laundry when it's done or ask how many ounces are in a cup when you are cooking. The possibilities are endless.

Streaming Devices - You may already have a streaming device like a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. Your TV itself might even be smart with Roku built in. If not look to add something that will fit in with your existing platform and allow you to watch the shows you love on your preferred streaming service.

Next Level Upgrades

There is more to smart home tech than we have mentioned so far like smart locks, cameras, air purifiers, and thermostats. These are not always something you can utilize living in an apartment but for further research and tips on how to maximize smart home living check out the links below to articles and YouTube channels dedicated to smart home tech.



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